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“[PSY] turned my ugly duckling home into a swan…helpful, professional and [always] there when you needed them”
Rosemarie B.

“[PSY] showed great flexibility and patience…went through numerous design options to arrive at one that met all of our needs.  PSY went the extra mile for us.  Great job!”
Francis F.

“They were professional and made the process fun! Highly recommend them to anyone…follows up on commitments and can be counted on to execute…from start to finish.”
Leslie M.

Green Design
PSY Designlab Principals are Certified Green Building Professionals (CGBP), certification provided by BUILD It Green (

Site Planning
Each project site is unique filled with opportunities and challenges. Every one of these issues needs to be accounted for in the design of the buildings that will occupy each site. From topographic changes, to sun orientation, to existing landscape, wind patterns, and various other influences that make up the site planning analysis.

Campus Planning
PSY Designlab has been involved in the planning of schools and churches. This is very similar to Site Planning but in a larger scale, where multiple buildings and uses are brought together along with outdoor courtyards and circulation elements to tie them together.

Interior Design
Applying a concept to a space by utilizing materials, colors, textures, objects, and light can drastically change the feel and look of a room. The selection and combination of these elements are at the core of Interior Design.

Tennant Improvement
Being able to envision new uses and conceptual ideas for an existing space can be challenging but we work with our clients to create new commercial identities. We are involved from helping to select future locations to conceptualizing through drawings or sketches all the way to getting city and county approvals to start construction.

Church Future Growth Analysis
PSY Designlab has worked with Churches to create “Planning Visions” to go along with their Spiritual Vision. We have conducted meetings with key Church personal, surveyed existing buildings, accounted for Church usage schedules, interviewed Church leaders to assess the future goals of the congregation and Church growth; this information is compiled to create a road map that will clearly show how the growth can be accommodated and planned for. In some cases this analysis will actually show that New buildings are not always the answer. That renovation and better use of the existing facilities will be able to accommodate the initial growth. It is one of the tools that PSY can provide a congregation in helping to make crucial decisions.

Design Review Board/Agency Approvals
We have a very good working knowledge of what is required to get our projects approved by the various governmental agencies. They include cities, counties, state agencies, and various departments within each agency such as planning departments, building and safety, Division of the State Architects (DSA), Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), design review boards (DRB), and many other smaller departments.

Construction Management
Our experience working on both the architectural and construction aspect of a project provides us a unique perspective. This holistic view gives us insight into the inner workings of both disciplines and therefore better informs our role and tasks on managing complex projects.